Oily and Problematic Skin

Although one may not have wrinkles on the oily face like those who have dry skin, excessive oil production means that pores easily get clogged and the skin is prone to acne and blackheads. The causes can be different. But let's look at a common and very important skin condition - dehydration. It is worth noting that even oily skin can be dehydrated.

Often, loss of moisture occurs due to a disruption of the skin's protective function and depends on humidity, temperature, season, and overall water content in the skin.

Most often, the first thing that needs to be restored and strengthened is the skin's lipid barrier or in other words top protective layer. Otherwise, we will be stuck in a vicious circle.

Сompoments, that are naturally present on the surface of the skin, have proven themselves as excellent elements helping to restore skin functions, simultaneously softening and protecting it. They are triglycerides, fatty acids and ceramides.

Choose nourishing products containing lipids - ceramides and fatty acids such as linoleic, linolenic, oleic. These components perfectly restore the lipid barrier of our skin, ensuring its health and beauty.

This is a general recommendation, and individual causes of skin conditions might have different triggers. If you want to save time, avoid mistakes and assemble your best care, DM me on Instagram!

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