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Faced with the difficulty of finding bespoke treatments, accurate advice and reliable information about skin health, I decided to do something about improving this experience for others. I felt that the beauty industry lacked heart and honesty in environments that felt clinical, judgmental, un-relaxing and old-fashioned.

Over the past three years, I went on unique journey through the world of beauty and health. In addition to my Diploma in Beauty Therapy, I have studied and successfully completed a Professional Certificate in Integrated Health and Dermatology. 

I believe that a holistic approach is vital for healthy skin. I’m passionate about educating clients about what is best for their skin, both inside and out. I am focused not only on the advice on the best skincare and treatments but also on ensuring clients understand the importance of good nutrition alongside a balanced lifestyle to achieve beautiful, healthy skin for a lifetime. I’m motivated by results and work tirelessly to get them by helping people change their skin, and truly change their lives. By taking an honest and holistic approach, both my clients and I work in partnership to unveil their skin’s greatest potential, harnessing the power of effective, indulgent, and efficient treatments that truly deliver. 

I believe that the natural potential of our body and non-invasive innovative technologies give an amazing synergy, effectively repairing cells deep below the skin’s surface and restoring their natural equilibrium. It’s the best outcome as improvements of overall dermal health promote a naturally clearer, brighter, plumper appearance that lasts.
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